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Wedding Car Hire Driver

So you have an old classic or have a great idea to start a wedding car hire business but are wondering exacting what it entails. In this article I will try to give you an overview of the business and hopefully you can find out if it will wok for you.

What exactly does a wedding car driver do?

Well they drive the bride and the father of the bride (or selected other) to the ceremony location and then drive them on to the wedding reception venue and that is it! Sounds simple right? Well it is but it should be approached with a specific demeanour. One should be very respectful and subservient as though they were a dutiful butler. Key responsibilities include opening and closing car doors, retrieving items left with the vehicle and ensuring a timely arrival. The driver must be courteous and polite at all times. Knowledge of the surrounding area should provide for a smooth journey and remember a bride will never want to get lost on the way to her wedding!

Which Car?

First things first; you need to own a car which people would want to use as a wedding car and we don’t all have Bentleys do we! However, you would be surprised to find out about some of the more obscure vehicles that can (and have) be used for weddings. The list includes anything from an Elvis style Pink Cadilac, the classic Fiat 500 (self drive obviously!), to Mercedes Benz and more basic vehicles such as the Rover 45! Obviously there are the classics which include Bently, Roles Royce and some older vehicles which can date back to around 1919. These vehicles are all available for hire in the UK. Some like the idea of horse and cart but that is beyond the scope of this article; however, an old 1926 Rolls Royce 20hp give the open cart feel without the same “emissions”!

Wedding Car Hire Driver

Attire for the big day

The idea of a traditional chauffeur is a grey suit and hat but any dark suit will work as long as it comes with a matching tie and hat, a white shirt (not coloured or patterned) and polished black shoes. If you so desire you may also wear leather driving gloves for the chauffeur look. Ultimately being presentable and professional on the day will ensure you do not detract from the main attraction, the car!

Car Presentation

Having a beautifully polished bodywork will lure even the most novice photographer and it is important to detail the vehicle from top to bottom. If you run your own vehicle dedicated for such work, storing it in a garage will make for less work when it comes to the big day. Learning the tricks of the trade in valeting can make the job a whole lot easier and there are many resources on the internet from avid petrol heads which can show you how to get the best gloss finish. Again the interior should be spotless with the exception of a few mandatory requirements like no smoking signs and a box of tissues probably wouldn’t go a miss either.

Something else worth mentioning is the fact that at weddings things get weird sometimes. One example may be that the couple would like a “funny picture” of pushing the car or something similar and this is not the place for your vehicle. Draping the bride across the bonnet may be a great idea for the photographer but they are not the one that is going to spend the night T-cutting scratches out of the body work. Think about it!

What are the specific requirements?

As the owner of a vehicle in the UK you will need to have the obvious mandatory requirements. This includes vehicle insurance road tax unless you car is old enough to quality for tax exemption (vehicles aged 1973 or earlier). Due to having members of the public in your vehicle you will also have further requirements which includes public liability insurance. Unfortunately this will be needed in case anyone hurts themselves in or around the vehicle.

Wedding Car Driver

Multiple Vehicles

So your considering running a fleet of vehicles and are considering employing drivers to operator under your brand. This is a a great idea and can provide you a full time income but you will need at least 10 vehicles. At least! Much like a taxi service your vehicles would be allocated to a job, but only once a day and this model can work and be profitable but is not for the inexperienced businessman as the risks need to be accounted for.


It is easy to set up a small business but it is hard to get clients, however in the 21st century promoting your services has become far easier. The internet is full of directories, forums, social media platforms and many more advertising avenues. YouTube videos would be one of the best ways to advertise as perspective clients can admire your vehicle in motion, Facebook can be used to get positive comments and review along with tagging within photos. If this all goes over your head, with no disrespect meant, you need to contact someone who is more internet savvy such as a website designer who can offer search engine optimisation services.

How much can I earn?

The price for a wedding car can vary greatly. Hire rates will be set depending on the location, the vehicle in question and the reputation of the company including services they offer. This ranges from £200 all the way to £1000 if you deduct the bottle of Cristal champagne! This sort of business model is ideally applicable to those who have a classic car suitable for the job and want to make a side income or just get the use out of the vehicle as a favour for friends.

Can I do this full time?

If you set up a fleet of vehicles it is possible. There are a few large organisations spread throughout the UK which offer such a service but it would take a substantial investment and time to achieve. This business model is most suitable as small part time project to get the most out of the vehicle you love. If this is what you have in mind then it is ideal for you and I would totally encourage it. There is nothing like the pride felt in restoring a classic car and then utilising it to create wonderful memories for others.

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