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Chauffeur Driver

Being a Chauffeur driver can mean working for one specific client or for a service that offers drivers to a multitude of different clients. The jobs entails driving them from location to location in a safe, comfortable and timely manner.


What The Job Entails

Excellent time keeping is essential and a polite professional manner is required, along with smart presentation. Obviously some hours can be unsociable but the work is far from demanding in comparison to other driving jobs. A full UK driving licence is the basic requirement but advanced training and vehicle handling is only going to improve your chance of securing a job.


The job breaks down into three main areas:

  • Working for a family in which you would assume all of the driving responsibility. You would be exclusively catering to their needs which may include; taking them to shops, schools, airports, work places, friends houses and probably everything else imaginable.
  • Working for a business or day to day hire service where you would collect and drop off business people, whether this be for meetings or to airports.
  • Limousine Chauffeurs are typically needed for special occasions which includes weddings and extends all the way through to funerals. Some specialist Limousine services also cater for Stag and Hen parties also.


Wages vary massively, if you work for a private household for many many years, you could well receive a healthy wage including other benefits like accommodation, however a wage of between £15, 000 upwards to £30,000 is normal for a most drivers, excluding part time workers.

Chauffeur Driver

Requirements And Job Specifics

The basic requirements for a chauffeur is to have a full UK driving licence and anything more is only going to improve your chances of securing a job. Advanced drive skills are a very good idea to obtain and most employers will expect this, the Institute of Advanced Motorists offering Advanced Driving Tests. Previous driving experience like a Taxi Driver for example will certainly strengthen your chances also of securing a job. Some private households and companies also like to look for ex service men, police and security guards who can provide a specialist skill set of protective duties also.


Regardless of the type of job, there are some key skills for the driver to perform. This includes loading and unloading of luggage, opening doors, information on the journey and route if this is of interest to the client and vehicle maintenance is obviously essential.


There is no set pattern for a Chauffeur and a general rule of thumb what day to day life involves for individuals varies largely due to their client base. If you do work for a family obviously their routine would dictate when you work. Some hours will be unsociably early and late depending on the location which the client needs to travel to. Part time work is also a possibility in some instances.


Some other useful skills to have are languages. If you are working for a company who has a lot of foreign clients then this will give you the upper hand in an interview and an improved chance of getting the job. It will also make your life easier once you have the job and reduce any communication barriers that may present themselves. You do not need to be necessary fluent in a specific language but if you are aware that you company caters toward a certain demographic, which isn’t your first language, it will be of a great benefit to learn the basics of that language. This will improve communication with your clients and display dedication to your job.


Next Steps

If you are still interested in being a Chauffeur and wish to find out more about the main skills of the job then I recommend you contact the British Chauffeurs guild. This will allow you access to preliminary training. However, it is worth baring in mind that any company who employs you will most likely offer you their own training course.

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