Job Descriptions

Airline Pilot

Although an airline pilot is not your typical driving job it is worth adding to the list as it is technically a driving job and could well be of interest. If you like a challenging job with a great wage that matches the responsibility then this is the one for you! There are many skills […]

Approved Driving Instructor

Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor, or ADI, can be a very rewarding career to consider as you get to work for yourself or as part of a franchise. Being self-employed comes with many bonuses; one of which is ultimate control over your working day allowing for direct control of your total income. This is all […]

Bus Driver

So you want to become a bus driver. This comes with certain tasks all of which are the same regardless of whether your aim is to be a school bus driver, a coach driver taking people to locations for the day or if you just fancy driving a bendy bus around London. The Basic Requirements […]

Courier Driver

A courier driver normally spends their day collecting packages and documents and then driving them to their end location. This destination could be a sorting office for redistribution or directly to the client; both may be either local or cross country. If you like driving and are willing to handle being self employed or work […]

Taxi Driver

Taxi’s have been around for many years and some say it began in the 1700’s. Whether this is true or not I am unsure; however, I am pretty confident that people have been paying for lifts on the back of horse and cart for an exceptionally long time. In this case payment was probably more […]

Train Driver

Becoming a train driver can be a very rewarding career and melds the love of trains with the job of your dreams. In this role you would be expected to perform various functions including; driving the train, operating the doors system, announcements and much more. What’s the Job? Driving a train is often performed in […]

Wedding Car Hire Driver

So you have an old classic or have a great idea to start a wedding car hire business but are wondering exacting what it entails. In this article I will try to give you an overview of the business and hopefully you can find out if it will wok for you. What exactly does a […]

Delivery Van Driver

A delivery van driver typically works under contract for a company. Usually a customer has purchased products and the driver then delivers these items. In this modern society in which we live a wide ranges of goods can be delivered directly to the customer. These include; the weekly shopping, sofas & beds, ovens, Fridges, TV’s… […]

Chauffeur Driver

Being a Chauffeur driver can mean working for one specific client or for a service that offers drivers to a multitude of different clients. The jobs entails driving them from location to location in a safe, comfortable and timely manner.   What The Job Entails Excellent time keeping is essential and a polite professional manner […]